Decision Japan aims to assist business owners and managers to grow their businesses, particularly in its field of expertise, Japan.

Our services range from business facilitation with partners and potential partners, consulting and executive mentoring, market and technology research, software localization and translation.


Decision Japan was founded in 1988 as a Japanese private company to assist foreign companies, particularly technology companies, in the Japanese market. It grew to become a major distributor of foreign-developed technical software to corporate Japan, with products in the civil engineering, naval architecture, modeling and manufacturing fields. The Japanese users included top companies, universities and government departments. In 2008 a successful trade sale took its founder back to her native Australia.

Since then the business has been based in Sydney. Our practice offers a range of services for business growth and communication, both to Australian and Japanese clients.

Our extensive knowledge of Japan, Australia and the Japanese language, backed by hands-on business experience in both countries, enables us to add value to business strategy and execution.

About the Principal, Anita Byrnes

Anita has close to 40 years experience in the Information Technology industry, a major part of which has included business in and with Japan. Her initial career was as a translator, systems engineer and analyst in the IT and health care systems field.

For twenty years she was the Managing Director of Decision Japan Co., Ltd, the Japanese private company and software distributor she founded in 1988. Anita led the growth of the company through Japan’s ‘lost decade’, tackling such challenges as IT market changes, Japanese staffing recruitment and retention, and product marketing and distribution, while at the same time raising a bi-lingual child.

Her current interests include innovation and entrepreneurship, intellectual property, technology such as virtual reality, and languages.

Anita holds a Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) from ANU, undertook post-graduate study at Waseda University, and is a graduate (GAICD) of the International Company Directors’ Course of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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  • Business advisory for Japan

Directly and together with a wide network of like-minded business specialists, Decision Japan can offer business advisory services, consulting and mentoring, facilitation, representation, cultural awareness training and research using Japanese language sources.

  • Operational assistance in Australia market

Primarily offered to Japanese firms seeking assistance in the Australian market. See Japanese website.

  • Non-executive director

Principal Anita Byrnes has considerable experience as a non-executive director in the Chamber of Commerce (Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo, ANZCCJ) and community organization field, and is actively seeking additional directorships. She is currently Vice-President of the Australia-Japan Society of NSW (AJS-NSW) and a Board member of the National Federation of Australia-Japan Societies (NFAJS).

  • Technical translation (Japanese to English)

Anita Byrnes is fluent in the Japanese language and is a NAATI-accredited professional translator, Japanese to English, with particular expertise in technical translation. Her experience dates to 1977 and her initial career as a technical translator at FACOM (later Fujitsu) Australia. Subsequent work as a systems engineer and analyst and then as founder and managing director of software distributor Decision Japan grew her knowledge of  IT and software localization. She is an expert user of localization and CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) tools, and in particular SDL Trados.

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Decision Japanについて

株式会社ディシジョン・ジャパンは外国で開発されたソフトウエアの販売代理店として、1988年から17年間、日本の建築・建設、造船、製造、設計、特許関連の分野など、 各業界向けに技術系ソフトウエアを提供して参りました。

事業譲渡のため、2008年1月をもちまして企業活動の拠点をオーストラリアに移し、 引き続き日本と関わりのあるコンサルティング事業を行っています。




  • 2008年-現在    Forum8 AU Pty Ltd、取締役

日本のフォーラムエイトの豪州総代理店 (www.forum8.co.jp)


  • 1986年-2007年、株式会社ディシジョン・ジャパン、代表取締役

システムコンサルタントを得て、株式会社ディシジョン・ジャパンを設立。1990年から17年間、日本の建築・建設、造船、製造、設計、特許関連の分野など、 各業界向けに技術系ソフトウエアを提供した。ソフトウエアの開発元は豪州、ドイツ、アメリカなどの企業。


  • 1984年-1986年 Shared Medical Systems、フィラデルフィア、 ロンドン、東京


  • 1977年-1984年FACOM Australia Ltd (現Fujitsu Australia Ltd)、シドニー



オーストラリア国立大学、B.A. (Asian Studies)、1975年


Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) – International Company Directors Course, 2005年


豪日協会、NSW支部(Australia-Japan Society of NSW)、副会長 (現)

在日オーストラリア・ニュージーランド商工会議所(ANZCCJ)、副会長 (ー2007年)


  • オーストラリア市場での事業支援


  • 技術翻訳 (日英)

アニタ・バーンズはオーストラリアの認定資格(NAATI)を持つ技術翻訳者(日本語から英語へ)でもあります。IT分野の専門知識・経験をもとに、またあらゆる分野で高品質の翻訳サービスを提供します。その経験は1977年まで遡り、IT翻訳者(ソフトウエア、ハードウエア)およびのちのシステムエンジニア、ソフトウエアの販売代理の代表者の経歴により年々深まってまいりました。ローカライズ・CAT ツール、特にSDL Tradosのエクスパートユーザです。


Decision Japan

Tel: (+61)-2-9130-1448

Mob. (+61)-418-214-118

Sydney, Australia